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Our Programs

Are designed by experts from the exercise, medicine, sport, fitness, education and healthcare sectors.

Our multi-sports and fitness bootcamp programs are structured for maximum fun and real results with sport specific skills and fun fitness activities.

We are kids coach experts and sports specialists with a wide range of programs for ALL KIDS.

Our new GeckoACTIVE and GeckoFIT programs will be sure to ignite your kids excitement in fitness and sports where no week is the same, read on to find out more…


Our active MULTI-SPORTS FUN program – for all kids

We created our new GeckoACTIVE program for awesome action-packed sports fun in a non-competitive environment. No week is the same, we run a different sports program each week focused on improving gross motor skills and confidence. We teach 8 different national sports during each term plus a mini olympics and team challenge. Our sports science designed program is sure to excite and promote a healthy lifestyle where kids can try their hand at a range of different sports! Get fit. Get Gecko fit.

> Mini Olympics  > Soccer  > Basketball > AFL Football  > Boxing Bootcamp  > Netball  > Athletics  > Rugby League  > Cricket  > Team Challenge


Our KIDS BOOTCAMP FITNESS program – for real results

The dynamic GeckoFIT program is sports science designed to increase kids fitness levels with real results. Throughout the term, our unique program works closely with kids to improve their strength, endurance, increase muscle development plus overall health and wellbeing. The program includes fun kids workouts, circuit challenges and fitness games like nothing you’ve seen before! Get fit. Get Gecko fit.

Fun fitness  >  Cardio  >  Resistance  >  Boxing  >  Bootcamp  >  Intensity  >  Endurance  >  Peak performance  >  Real results  >  Fun fitness testing

Gecko Wristbands

Our GeckoMEMBERS receive a new coloured Gecko wristband to recognise each child’s individual improvement term by term. There are 10 awesome coloured wristbands (ending in a black band of course!) that represent your child’s participation in our GeckoACTIVE program. Further to this our amazing Gecko Coaches award each child with a certificate of GeckoEXCELLENCE during the last week of each term. However, the 10 coloured wristbands in the GeckoFIT program represent fitness levels based on the fun fitness testing session run in the last week of our 10 week specialised program, along with a Coach awarded certificate of improvement! Check out some of the cool coloured Gecko wristbands in the image gallery above and below in the drop down box is the sequence of all the colours…


Our programs are specifically designed for primary school kids from 5 to 12 years of age. We offer programs for two unique age groups to ensure we cater to the developmental needs of each and every child:

YOUNGSTERS: from 5 – 8 years old

MIDSTERS: from 9 – 12 years old

TEENS: from 13 – 18 years old

FAMILIES: suitable for children from 5-18 and parents!


Our Coaches

Our Gecko Coaches are not just kids sports and fitness coaches, we are mentors, influencers, heroes, role models and challenges to your children. When a challenging situation arises our coaches are there to ensure the best outcome for the kids everytime. We are there to support their lives in any way we can. With regular specialised Gecko training across our programs and behavioual management, you can rest assure, your kids are in the best hands while they are with us. We handpick the best of the best to lead our kids at GeckoSports!

Take a closer look at our GeckoACTIVE multi-sports 10 week program below to see what each week is all about… 


We operate our fun fitness and multi-sports classes in a non-competitive environment where kids can be kids and are encouraged to express themselves to grow and learn new things. We provide a safe, dynamic space where they can have maximum fun and get real results! Did you know that children require 45 minutes of physical activity each day. That is why we put so much importance on developing kids gross motor skills whilst incorporating fitness, sport specific skills, leadership, confidence, team-work and of course fun into our unique programs.

Our specialised sports science programs are designed for


Gecko Mini Olympics

A great introduction to Gecko Sports. Mini Olympics week allows coaches to familiarise with the abilities and personalities of each child through a series of obstacle courses and relay events. From mini marathon to gymnastic balance and ice skating – this program captures children’s imagination while getting active and having fun!


Is our first sports specific session with a great introduction to the ‘World Game’ for beginners through to genuine challenge future soccer stars. Kids develop footwork, speed and skill through a series of drills and games while representing their favourite soccer nation.


Takes kids through dribbling and passing drills then moves into a partner passing working through many various fun activities. We finish off with a round-the-world shootout challenge. This program helps kids increase their power, jumping ability, hand eye coordination and encourages teamwork while having fun.

AFL Football

Combines skills and agility through a footy fitness course, spatial awareness taking species with balloons and balls and of course handball and kicking competitions with expert coaching.

Boxing Bootcamp

Is all about boxing for fitness and coordination. Our fun kids bootcamp has kids jumping ropes, flipping tyres and crawling under obstacles. A super fun, high energy program that the kids absolutely love!


Runs through dynamic passing, catching and defending activities that work on improving agility and reaction times. An excellent program to learn the basics of the game in a fun environment.


Introduces kids to a range of athletic running and jumping activities. The session focus is on technique and movement efficiency through simple and exhilarating games, challenges and drills.

Rugby League

Is an energetic program where the kids learn specific kicking and passing skills of the game whilst moving through obstacles relays and kick-out challenges.


We work on improving hand eye coordination and reaction time through a series of hitting, throwing and catching drills. Kids play throw down stump games, classic catches while practicing critical skills related using a bat and ball.

Gecko Team Challenge

Occurs in the last week of every school term finishing up with a fun team challenge to bring together everything the kids have learnt during our 10 week program. *During the last week of term our GeckoMEMBERS receive a new coloured Gecko wristband to recognise their participation (check out the colour sequence below) plus a Coaches certificate awarded to each child for GeckoEXCELLENCE!

*Gecko Wristbands*

Children who progress through our Gecko term based programs are awarded GeckoWRISTBANDS at the end of each term. *GeckoACTIVE wristbands are awarded for participation whereas GeckoFIT are awarded for improved fitness levels. There are 10 awesome coloured wristbands, the sequence starts from white and ends in a black band as follows!

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  4. Pink
  5. Orange
  6. Green
  7. Red
  8. Purple
  9. Grey
  10. Black

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