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After-School Classes & Holiday Fun

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Our Classes are Varied and Fun to Keep Your Kids Engaged

We have your kids covered all year round, with our after-school classes and holiday programs. Designed by experts from the sports, exercise, medicine, fitness, education and healthcare sectors our specialised school aged programs are serious fun for kids!

Structured for real results with sport specific skills and maximum fun in a non-competitive environment, our wide variety of multi-sports, fun-fitness bootcamp and themed programs have your kids engaged and wanting more.

GeckoSports welcomes all ALL KIDS aged 5-12 years old to come and join the fun with our experienced, enthusiastic kids coaches and sports specialists.

After-School Classes

Our results-based programs are a great way to incorporate fitness as a core activity into your child’s weekly routine with the added excitement of sport! With no lock in contracts, come along to a FREE TRIAL CLASS anytime to see what we’re all about. No single week is the same with our GeckoSKILLS (multi-sports) and GeckoFIT (bootcamp) programs, which will be sure to ignite your kids enthusiasm for sports and movement after finishing school for the day!

We are an APPROVED NSW ACTIVE KIDS provider. NSW parents don’t forget you can use your $50 per child voucher towards our term classes!

  • Join for free anytime during the term or pay up-front
  • Get your child’s GeckoSTARTER-PACK that includes a kids drink bottle, headband and t-shirt for them to wear to classes!


We’ve created GeckoSKILLS for an awesome action-packed sports fun experience in a non-competitive environment. Kids learn a different sport each week focused on improving gross motor skills and confidence. Our sports science designed programs are sure to excite and promote an active lifestyle where kids can try their hand at a range of sports. Gooo Gecko!

  • Mini Olympics
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • AFL Football
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball


Is a fun fitness bootcamp program, designed for real results! Our dynamic GeckoFIT program is sports science designed to increase kids fitness levels. This unique program works closely to improve your child’s strength, endurance, muscle development plus overall health and wellbeing. It includes fun workouts challenges and fitness games like nothing you’ve seen before. Get Gecko fit!

  • Fun Fitness
  • Boxing
  • Cardio
  • Resistance
  • Endurance
  • Intensity
  • Peak Performance
  • Fitness Testing

Holiday Programs

We run a variety of multi-sports, fitness and fun themed programs during the school holidays! Kids love getting active with friends outside of school so come along and join the fun. Our epic holiday programs include the latest themes such as Colour Blast, Water Mania, Ninja Warrior, Mini Olympics, Super Hero, Gladiator, Kids Crazy World Cup, Individual Sports and many more… Get your child get off screens, outside and having a blast these holidays!

*Our Gecko after-school class members receive discounted prices!


Fill your kids holidays with colour! Get active on our famous obstacle course, relay races and many other challenges, all while being COLOUR-BLAST’ed with rainbow powder. Get your way through a series games and be rewarded with, yes, more colour… wear white, bring your friends and come have some active colour-filled fun!


Splish, splash, its time to get wet this summer holidays! Who will duck the lowest, jump the highest, react the quickest, run or dodge the fastest to avoid the SPLAT of a water bomb, ball or giant sponge? Come and join the wet and wild activities and games, it will be the most epic fun ever!


Become a ninja-warrior these school holidays! Let the kids go wild and get imaginative with our NINJA-WARRIOR program. We channel their inner ninja as they wear their very own Gecko ninja bandana ready to take on  fun ninja challenges, obstacle courses and awesome warrior games. Who will conquer the challenge and become the ultimate Gecko-Ninja?


Become a real-life SUPER-HERO! What child doesn’t like dressing up as their favourite super hero. These school holidays we have an exciting active program for all the superheroes out there. It includes awesome fun action-packed obstacle courses, challenges and games. Don’t forget to come along dressed as your favourite superhero!


Who will triumph our GLADIATOR games? Bring your game face and be brave as you experience the thrill of a gladiator tournament. In a fun and safe environment, a range of games will see you child jousting, rolling, jumping, ducking and laughing, they will absolutely love it!


Go sports mad these school holidays with our MULTI-SPORTS-FUN program! Are your kids prepared for the ultimate sports challenge? These school holidays we have created an exciting active intense sports program. The program includes endless sports challenges and games. It will be the best sports fun the kids will have all holidays!


Inspire your kids to become the next generation of Australian Olympians with our action-packed MINI-OLYMPIC games program these school holidays. A medley of track & field challenges combined with exciting sports activities and games will keep your kids active and having serious fun.


Our kids bootcamp fitness program GeckoFIT is a dynamic program designed to increase kids fitness levels with real results. It will test their strength, endurance while helping to increase muscle development plus overall health and wellbeing. The program includes fun kids workouts, circuit challenges and fitness games like nothing you’ve seen before!


Take fun fitness to a whole new level with our BOX-FIT program. Endure a series of partner and team fitness activities. Experience boxing in a safe non-contact environment with fun games and resistance challenges. Each week focuses on cardio, strength and conditioning training in a fun way that your child wont even know they are working out!

Check out all the fun we have with our Gecko kids!

Gecko Wristbands

Achievements are best shared together, with colour!
Every child who completes a term of after-school classes receives a new Gecko coloured powerband (wristband) to celebrate their participation, improvement and development. Start with white and work all the way through to a black band, gooo Gecko!