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Supporting Schools with Specialised Programs

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We’re proud to be connected with over 1,000 schools across Australia!
Get your school active and fit with a Gecko program today.

We can support your Primary School in more ways than one!
Did you know your school can access Government funding for a free program?

GeckoSports can come into your primary school and deliver a 4-10 week Sporting Schools program at ZERO COST to your school and students. We are proudly accredited and endorsed to run the below 9 national sports. Our qualified coaches are kids coach and multi-sport experts. Click here to find out more or send us an enquiry below to get in touch with your local Gecko team.

We can bring our curriculum multi-sport or fun fitness programs into your primary school as a one-off or ongoing. Alternatively, if you have an excursion/incursion and you would like something active and fun for your students, get in touch now and we can tailor a program to suit your school’s needs. We have a wide range of programs and are flexible to work with.

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Our Sporting Schools Sports



Softball & Baseball

Ultimate Frisbee



Table Tennis


What We Offer

Regular PE Classes

GeckoSports can help your school with its PE requirements if your primary school needs more support. We provide professional qualified coaches, relevant equipment, an action-packed program, plus the fun! All GeckoSports programs are aligned to the Australian PE curriculum so we can easily create a unique experience for your school.

Sports Days & Sports Coaching

GeckoSports coaches can come and coordinate your primary school’s sports days/carnivals including planning, set-up and coordination on the day with teachers and students. Our coaches also support running specialised multi- sports or fitness bootcamp activities throughout the school year in line with team sports or other school competitions.

Our Sporting School Program National Sporting Partners

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