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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to services provided by GeckoSports.

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Please carefully read our terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a service from GeckoSports and keep a copy for your records.

In agreeing to your child attending a GeckoSports program, I:

Release and forever discharge GeckoSports from all claims that I may have or may have had arising from, or in connection with, my child and a GeckoSports physical or online program; and
Indemnify, will keep indemnified and hold harmless GeckoSports, to the extent permitted by law in respect of any claim as a result of or in connection with a GeckoSports physical or online program.

I warrant that my child has not at any time suffered blackout, seizure, convulsion, fainting, dizzy spells or any other medical condition and is not presently receiving treatment for any illness, disorder or physical injury which would render it unsafe for my child to take part in a GeckoSports program. I have read and I consent for my child to participate in a GeckoSports physical or online program and understand the risks involved and further agree to be bound by the GeckoSports Code of Conduct and operating rules outlined in the Privacy agreement and contract of online membership.

I acknowledge that GeckoSports uses its best endeavours to ensure that the equipment and sporting facilities used in the program are safe and fit for purpose and acknowledge that all sports are inherently dangerous. I have voluntarily read and accept the inherent associated risks. “GeckoSports” means all directors personally and in their capacity as a director, partners of directors, agents, and any representatives of GeckoSports. “GeckoSports Program” includes all physical and online programs and activities that you or your child participates in during our classes/events. This includes but is not limited to any organised sport, fitness workouts, training, facilities and activities provided by GeckoSports.


Include, but not limited to; after-school weekly term-based classes, birthday parties, school holiday programs, school incursion/excursion programs and events.


Classes timetables are subject to change. While GeckoSports uses its best efforts to operate classes as per the timetable published on our website, in some instances changes are required due to unforeseen circumstances. No guarantee is made that classes will run 100% as per the advertised timetables. Any changes to the advertised timetables will be communicated to those affected prior to the commencement of the class/event.


We accommodate varied payment methods via credit card or bank account. Cash payment or casual memberships are not accepted (we do not accept AMEX/Diners cards).

Some programs require upfront payment in full prior to attending.


Our payments are managed through a third-party direct debit company called Stripe (or previously EziDebit) who act on behalf of GeckoSports. Your bank statements will refer to ‘GeckoSports’ when payment is debited from your nominated account. You will be issued with an invoice for all bookings whereby the amount is due as per the date stated on the invoice.


Our business upholds each States health and safety requirements in regards to current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic advice. Our staff will ensure a clean environment where hand sanitiser is mandatory before and at the conclusion of each session. Our equipment will remain clean and sanitized. Social distancing will be required for adults in attendance where face masks may be worn as per current Government stipulation. Coaches will not wear masks when coaching children. Please refer to our Covid Safe Plan for more information on our website.


Each new member can chose to pay a one-off $20 joining fee with their initial payment that entitles each child to a Gecko Starter-Pack that includes; a Gecko kids tee-shirt, sports headband and drink bottle that will be given to the child in their 2nd week of the term. GeckoSports may sell various branded merchandise from time to time at the value as per invoice applicable to the location you have booked a program with.


Wet/cold weather: outdoor sessions will be moved to an indoor or undercover location if it rains and or is extremely cold (below 5 degrees). Where an alternative location is not available the session will be postponed or cancelled. The cost for a cancelled class due to weather cannot be reimbursed.

Hot weather: children are to attend outdoor sessions wearing a hat, sunscreen (already applied prior to session) and bring a drink bottle. Where sessions run for over an hour, we will provide additional sunscreen. In the case of extreme heat any outdoor sessions will be moved to an indoor or undercover shaded location (where possible), or may be postponed or cancelled if the temperature is above 35 degrees. Indoor venue sessions without air-conditioning will be cancelled if the temperature reaches over 35 degrees outside. In the case of 40+ degree heat, sessions will be instantly cancelled. The cost for a cancelled session due to weather cannot be reimbursed, however your local club manager will discuss options where possible for children to attend a make-up class. Parents will be notified on the day if sessions are being changed due to weather as we ensure the safety of your child is our top priotity.


To enable our business to remain viable we are required to have strict guidelines on refunds. This is mainly due to venue hire and operational expenses to run our classes/events.

NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE including where deposits have been paid. Notification to cancel your child’s membership must be emailed to

Upfront term class payments cannot be refunded (nor can vouchers be refunded that were used towards payment).

Holiday programs, Birthday parties, Online memberships and other GeckoSports bookings cannot be refunded once paid.

Deposits paid towards a booking are also not refundable.


If your child is unable to attend their program due to illness or travel we are unable to suspend their membership, however they are welcome to attend a make-up class where convenient.


We offer a FREE TRIAL class to ensure that both you and your child are satisfied with our program prior to joining. Therefore, NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE (this applies to all GeckoSports program bookings where paid). Where a Gecko membership applies, please refer to our cancellation and suspension policies within this document. A trial is exactly that, it is used to assess your child’s suitability to our program. However, there are circumstances where we may be required to refuse your child joining our program due to the nature of being unsuitable, if this occurs we trust you will be respectfully advised the reason/s why. If you pay up-front for a term (or part thereof) there are no refunds offered for missed or unattended classes.


Parents and or a Guardians are not required to be present for the duration of each class. We encourage parents to drop off your child and return to pick them up when the class finishes. We value the importance of a child’s independence that helps to support their confidence and growth. However, if you would like to stay and watch you are welcome. Some locations and classes are also suitable for parents/adults to join in and participate in the class, in this instance we ask that adults be aware of their ability beyond a child’s and ensure they act safely and harmoniously. We highly value the benefit of parents supporting their child in their health and wellbeing development.


From time to time your child may be photographed or filmed on video whilst undertaking a GeckoSports class/event. Such footage might be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to reproduction on the GeckoSports website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. By joining and/or paying for a GeckoSports program you hereby agree to such use by GeckoSports. Parents are not to take videos or photographs that include other children without the permission of said parent/guardian. It is your right to request your child’s image not be publicly displayed, if you wish for this not to occur, please email


It is prohibited for food to be consumed during any GeckoSports class, however longer duration programs such as holiday classes or parties may require snack and or lunch to be included. Some of the facilities we operate in have strict policies where food cannot be consumed on the court/venue. Any child found to be consuming food during a class will be asked to leave the venue immediately. Our classes are structured to include drink breaks so children must bring a water filled drink bottle with them to each class. Where children attend a GeckoSports party or holiday program they are to abide by the instructions of the venue/program requirements advised. Children must provide their own labeled water bottles to attend a GeckoSports session.


The cyber security of all children is our parament objective. The protection of your child’s safety is our most important role, we endeavor to only use trusted secure online and digital platforms. It is your right to request your child’s image not be publicly displayed, if you wish for this not to occur, please email


GeckoSports ‘On Demand’ classes online are the intellectual property of GeckoSports and are created for paid members only. Upon becoming a GeckoSports Online member, you agree to pay for access where you will be invited to join our private Facebook group and have unlimited viewing. Please do not share your access with others.

All online members are required to join our private Facebook ‘GeckoSports On Demand’ group where new classes will be uploaded, and all communication centrally noted. If you do not have Facebook please send us an email to advise and a link will be sent via email. Upon request to join the Facebook On Demand group you will be asked a series of security questions to verify only trusted paid members join this group. Our private GeckoSports On Demand Facebook group will house all online class videos and required communication to online members. On Demand means our class links will stay active where you have exclusive viewing at any time, on-demand. Class videos are uploaded via a ‘private’ GeckoSports YouTube channel for your exclusive viewing anytime.


Members are not permitted to share links or videos of GeckoSports class videos in order to protect our intellectual property.