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The image features shiny blue metallic balloons spelling out "GECKO" against a neutral grey wall. The letters are bold and inflated, creating a festive and celebratory atmosphere. The reflection on the balloons adds to their glossy appearance, enhancing the visual impact of the setup.
The image shows a sleek, metallic door sign reading "Silver Room" with a large "AIS" logo above it. Below the room name, there's a detailed description explaining the significance of silver in relation to the room, presumably referring to its attributes or the theme it represents. To the lower right corner of the sign, there is a chemical symbol for silver, "Ag," adding a scientific element to the aesthetic.

This April, we gathered at the iconic Australian Institute of Sport to share, learn, and grow together. The Silver Room buzzed with energy as new and existing franchisees united under one roof, all pumped to elevate our mission: bringing joy and health through sports to kids across Australia.

Celebrating Community and Setting Goals

We kicked things off by reflecting on an awesome 2023 – a year of big wins and valuable lessons. More than just a catch-up, it was a springboard to set our sights higher. We’re talking bolder goals and even more impactful kids’ sports, fitness, and wellbeing programs. Because when we aim high, we lift our kids even higher.

The image shows a group of fourteen people posing in front of a large building with a prominent "AIS" logo. The logo, depicted in stylised golden strips, adds a dynamic element to the simple, modern architecture of the building. The individuals, dressed in coordinated blue team apparel, display a mix of smiles and relaxed postures, indicating a sense of camaraderie or team spirit.
The image features a vibrant indoor volleyball game with eight players, all dressed in blue shirts and various shades of dark pants or shorts. They are actively engaged in the game, with some players ready to hit the ball and others in motion, positioned on an orange court. The high ceiling of the facility is equipped with bright lights and a banner that reads "Fuelling excellence," suggesting a focus on sports training or competition excellence. The atmosphere is lively and energetic, indicative of a team sport event.

Training Days Packed with Action

No GeckoSports gathering would be complete without getting our hands (and feet!) moving. With our partners from Table Tennis Australia, Ultimate Australia, Softball Australia, Volleyball Australia, Golf Australia and the newcomers at Squash Australia, our franchisees leveled up their game. These training sessions weren’t just about refining skills—they were about transforming the way we coach, one game at a time.

Star-Studded Inspiration

And guess what? We had Australian Paralympic heroes James Turner and Ari Gesini drop by! They didn’t just visit; they shared their stories, their prep for the Paris Games, and lit a fire in all of us. Their resilience and spirit were nothing short of contagious!

The image features a group of twelve individuals posing together on a sunny day at a sports facility. Most of them are dressed in matching blue Gecko Sports shirts, suggesting they are part of a team or staff. Three individuals in the front row are crouching, with the rest standing behind them, all smiling towards the camera, indicating a cheerful, team-oriented environment. The background includes a green fence and a part of a stadium, enhancing the sports theme of the photograph.
The image depicts a group of people, mostly in blue shirts, walking along a path lined with lush greenery and modern street lamps. They are approaching or passing by a striking, large-scale sculpture that resembles a humanoid figure made from intertwined metallic parts, positioned prominently in the landscape.

Exploring the Iconic Australian Institute of Sport

Between sessions, we took the opportunity to tour the grounds of the Australian Institute of Sport, a site brimming with sports history and achievements. Walking through these grounds, you can feel the pulse of past and future champions all around. It’s not just about the state-of-the-art facilities where athletes train; it’s about stepping into a space that breathes excellence and inspires greatness. Our franchisees experienced first-hand where Australia’s top athletes sharpen their skills, gaining fresh inspiration to bring back to our clubs. This tour wasn’t just a walk; it was a journey through the heart of Australian sports culture.

Celebrating Our Stars: 2nd Annual Franchise Awards

We also rolled out the red carpet for our 2nd Annual Franchise Awards. It was a night to honour those in our network who’ve gone the extra mile—because they’re the real MVPs in our journey to make sports fun and accessible for every kid.

Wrapping up GeckoSports 2024’s national conference left us all a little more connected, a lot more inspired, and buzzing with excitement for the future. We’re not just teaching sports; we’re crafting journeys of confidence, health, and teamwork.

The image captures a man smiling proudly as he holds a trophy and wears a medal. He is standing in front of a screen displaying a presentation that reads "2023 Franchise of the Year" along with his name, "Matt Weickhardt," and the logo of Gecko Sports. The setting is a cozy venue with exposed brick walls and ambient lighting, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere of the event.
The image shows a group of fifteen individuals posing together in front of a vibrant display with yellow and blue tones. The display is related to a program called "Sporting Schools," which aims to integrate sports into schools and encourage physical activity among Australian children. The group, wearing coordinated blue and grey sportswear, stands smiling before panels adorned with photos of children engaged in various sports, and informative texts like "Bringing schools and sports together to help Aussie kids get active through sport."

Join Us

Feeling inspired? Come see what all the buzz is about! Join our GeckoSports family and let’s make a lasting impact together. Whether you’re eyeing a franchise partnership or dreaming of coaching, let’s chat. Call 1300 432 565 or email

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