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We offer a Free Trial Class to make sure your child loves Gecko before you start!

Weekly After School Classes!

Looking for something active, fun, sporty and non-competitive for your child to do after school?

With no lock in contracts, come along to a FREE TRIAL CLASS to see what we are all about, we just know your child will LOVE IT!

Join for free anytime during the term or pay up-front.

Get your child’s GeckoSTARTER-PACK for only $20 that  includes a kids drink bottle, headband and tee for them to wear to class! 

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* Prices, term start/end and programs vary by location.

Active Kids Voucher PROVIDER (NSW only)

We’re an APPROVED ‘NSW ACTIVE KIDS’ provider. Did you know NSW parents can use up to $200 per child over a year with your active kids vouchers towards our after school classes? 


Our results-based programs are a great way to incorporate fitness as a core activity into your child’s weekly routine plus the excitement of sport! Our programs support your child to transition into community sports and or boost their skills by improving their:
• Gross motor skills
• Fitness level
• Strength
• Endurance levels

If your child is wanting to find or live their passion for sport in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment then GeckoSports is the class to try, we have some seriously fun programs!


We run a wide range of action packed multi-sports  and fun themed holiday programs. Come along and join the fun where your child can enjoy their holidays together with friends being active.

Help your child keep active all year round, get them off screens, outside and have a blast these holidays. We guarantee they’ll love it so much they will beg you to come back again next holidays! 

*Gecko MEMBERS received discounted prices.


Select from our GeckoSKILLS multi-sports or GeckoFIT bootcamp fitness program.
Is your child sports mad or wanting to learn to play new sport, or perhaps they are looking for a regular fitness activity class? Come and try it for yourself!