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GeckoSports, Australia’s premier Sports and Fitness Provider for primary school-aged children, proudly operates over 20 locations nationwide. Here are the top 5 techniques our expert coaches use to deliver engaging and effective coaching sessions:

1. Maximize Engagement: Avoid Lines

Engage as many children as possible in each activity to prevent distractions, maintain attention, and promote active participation. The more involved the children are, the less likely they are to become disengaged or distracted.

2. Keep Everyone Active: No Sitting Out

Avoid elimination games where children must wait for the next round to rejoin. Instead, ensure continuous engagement by setting up alternative skill development or fun fitness activities for those eliminated. Children learn best through practice, not by watching others.

3. Plan Ahead: Prepare Your Sessions

A well-prepared session flows smoothly and keeps children engaged. Plan your session the night before, following the Game Sense Approach developed by Sports Australia. This includes a warm-up, skill development, a modified game, and a warm-down. Use a whiteboard to outline your games and keep track during the session.

4. Infuse Fun in Every Activity

While skill development and fitness are important, a child’s top priority is to have fun. Incorporate elements of fun into every activity to keep children motivated and excited about participating.

5. Keep Instructions Short and Simple

Long instructions can lead to loss of interest and improper execution of activities. Keep your instructions brief and straightforward, allowing children to try the activity. Correct them as needed to ensure they stay engaged and understand the task.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly enhance the quality of your training sessions, keeping children engaged, active, and excited about sports.


For more on the Game Sense Approach, visit the Australian Sports Commission.

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